James House

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Children’s Programs

James House offers programs and services for children to support them through the healing process, provide them with age-appropriate tools for coping, and empower them to develop and maintain healthy, positive relationships.

We offer individual counseling, art therapy, and support groups for children affected by domestic violence and sexual violence. Our Therapeutic Art Counselor for Youth works with each child to identify his or her individual needs. We also offer opportunities for our fully qualified staff/interns/volunteers to bring programming to community youth-serving agencies.


One-on-one counseling/art therapy

Children ages 4-17 who have experienced abuse/neglect or been impacted by domestic violence or sexual violence process their thoughts and feelings in a healthy, comfortable, and confidential space. Children and teens may struggle to put their experiences into words so our fully qualified Therapeutic Art Counselor for Youth guides them in creating art that helps them think about, process, and express thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening way.

Coping Cat (ages 7-13) and C.A.T. Project (ages 14-17)

Children and teens who struggle with anxiety benefit from learning to recognize and understand their emotional and physical reactions to anxiety. These two programs help them to identify how they think and feel during anxious situations, develop a plan for effective coping, evaluate their success in implementing the plan, and provide self-reinforcement to increase the likelihood of success.

Support Group

Support groups bring children ages 4-17 who have experienced abuse/neglect or been impacted by domestic violence or sexual violence together in a group setting where they have the opportunity to share and learn from each other. Group activities are age-appropriate and designed to help children feel safe and comfortable as they work through their experiences.

Map The Way

Bring this highly interactive, motivational 8-week program to your youth group. Children ages 6 to 12 work together to explore topics such as self-expression, self-esteem and feelings, healthy relationships, bullying and peer pressure, self-care and safety, and social/coping skills.


Specifically designed for children ages 4 to 18 who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence and/or sexual violence, this 12-week program is designed to boost self-esteem and provide young people with skills necessary to develop and maintain healthy relationships. The 12 core lessons focus on bullying, feelings, conflict resolution, coping, abusive behaviors, and other key components to overcoming and understanding abuse.

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