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You’re not alone. We’re here to help. Our dedicated, trained peer counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help.

All of our services are trauma-informed, cost-free, confidential, and available to anyone regardless of economic status, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity.

Emergency Services

24/7 Crisis Hotline

Our free, confidential hotline is available 24-hours a day, with trained crisis intervention staff and volunteers answering all calls. Translators are available via language lines for non-English speaking callers. In addition, TTY is available for individuals in crisis who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Safety Planning

It’s hard to think clearly in the middle of a crisis. Developing a plan ahead of time is helpful during a violent episode or if you’re considering leaving. Each situation is unique, so every safety plan is different. We’re here to help you develop a plan that’s right for you and your loved ones.

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Emergency Shelter

During your stay, our temporary emergency shelter will provide a safe place for you (and your children) to find support and plan for the future, as you work toward self-sufficiency. Basic assistance of food, clothing, baby supplies, and emergency transportation may be provided.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Support Groups

Overcoming violence and abuse is seldom easy, however, with proper support you can do it. We offer facilitated groups for all ages and genders which allow participants to support each other during recovery from sexual violence, domestic violence or stalking. You’ll experience hope and healing here.

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Cost-free, confidential trauma-informed counseling is available to you and your loved ones. We help children, women, and men impacted by sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking to overcome the impact of abuse. We’ll meet you where you are, respect your beliefs, and we won’t judge you. We can help.

Children’s Programs

Witnessing or experiencing sexual abuse and/or domestic violence can impact a child forever. We can help your child begin the healing process through age- appropriate counseling and support. We also provide evidence-based prevention education programs, such as Coping Cat and C.A.T. Project.

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Hospital Accompaniment

As part of a regional collaborative, our trained volunteers respond to hospital emergency rooms to support individuals who’ve experienced sexual and domestic violence. Volunteers respond to requests 24/7 and connect survivors with community resources and follow-up services.

Legal Advocacy

It can be frightening to face your abuser in court. We can be there for you, so that you don’t have to do it alone. We can also screen you and make referrals to pro bono legal services, when appropriate.

Case Management

Ultimately, you want control of your life back. We help by providing counseling, coaching, and empowering strategies. Together we’ll develop your plan, and we’ll help you reach your goals so that you and your loved ones can live a life free of abuse, full of possibilities. You can do it. We can help.

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We work in partnership with local law enforcement agencies to implement the Lethality Assessment Program. LAP is an easy and effective way for law enforcement and other community professionals to identify victims of domestic violence who are at the highest risk of being seriously injured or killed by their intimate partners, and immediately connect them with James House.

Legal Immigration

James House is an authorized provider of immigration services, certified through the Board of Immigration Appeals. Our legal services coordinator will assist immigrant victims of domestic and/or sexual violence in applying for immigration benefits. She helps determine eligibility for U-Visa, T-Visa, and VAWA Self-Petitions. We have partnerships with attorneys who provide pro-bono services. James House organize Legal Immigration Clinics monthly.

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