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The 25th Story

“I realized a long time ago that it was risky for me to talk about my story. Then it occurred to me that it’s also risky for the listener because you never know where someone is in their own life or what their story is.” Cris is the daughter of two parents with intellectual disabilities who neglected her and left her vulnerable to abuse. From the age of 7 to 12, a family member raped and sexually abused her.

The 19th Story

Glenda McEachern is here to tell this story because her friend Carrie is not. Join Glenda in remembering her friend. Please donate to The James House during The Amazing Raise “In Memory of Carrie Egland” and help us save lives.

Carrie and Glenda were neighbors. They picked their kids up from the same daycare, sat next to each other at work, and shared their hopes for the future. Glenda knew Carrie had problems at home but she never saw the rampage coming.

Glenda decided to volunteer with The James House in Carrie’s memory. Through her work on The James House Fund Development Committee, she believes she can help prevent another tragic loss from domestic violence.

The 18th Story

The Cameron Foundation serves one of Virginia’s most economically distressed communities, the City of Petersburg and the surrounding area. Their investments in the community have been transformational, and this is especially true for The James House. The Cameron Foundation began supporting The James House in 2004, and over the course of the following 10 years the organization went from serving 500 people a year to 1,400.

Risha Stebbins, Senior Program Officer, says that it’s the people behind those figures that drives the foundation to do its work. “Philanthropy is really about the love of humanity and doing work that serves the greater good.” As a resident of Petersburg, Risha has witnessed the difference that the foundation has made for nonprofits and ultimately for the individuals that they help. “We’re improving people’s lives, and when you see that, you want to be part of it.”

The 17th Story

Robin’s father’s caretakers saw an opportunity to take advantage of a flawed system, and they did.

It started with financial exploitation – within six months, $250,000 in cash was gone from Robin’s father’s account. Then they isolated him from family and friends. Grappling with illness that often accompanies old age, Robin’s father took a serious fall and was left alone on the floor for almost 24 hours. This landed him in the hospital – an intervention which actually saved his life, because Robin was able to help her dad escape before it was too late. “We got so close again…We would go to the deck and sit in the sun. Those were some of the fondest memories that I have of dad.”

In honor of the memory of her father, Robin spent many hours at the Virginia State Capitol lobbying and testifying to strengthen laws against elder abuse. Thanks to her efforts, many laws have been strengthened.