James House

24 Hour Crisis Hotline24/7 Hotline: (804) 458-2840

The 6th Story

Grants Chairperson for the John Randolph Foundation, Linda Hyslop served as an educator in the Hopewell Public School System for 43 years. As a teacher she was exposed to the abuse her students endured, and it became her personal mission to give young people hope for their future. Linda first volunteered with The James House in the 90’s by answering the crisis hotline. Today she continues to volunteer on a subcommittee of The James House Board of Directors.

The James House and the John Randolph Foundation share a common past and a common mission. They were founded two years apart, in 1989 and 1991 respectively, at the John Randolph Medical Center. Upon the sale of the hospital to HCA in 1995, both left to become independent organizations. The James House was the John Randolph Foundation’s first grantee and continues to receive financial support today.