James House

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The 12th Story

Mary was a shy 19 year old who often spoke with her hand in front of her mouth. On top of having cavities and gum disease, Mary was missing her front tooth, and she suffered from a severe infection from the partial that she had long outgrown.

Dr. Renae Roelofs, DDS met Mary, a survivor of domestic violence, through The James House. Dr. Roelofs has helped the Chesterfield community since 1985 when she opened Personal Dental Care, Inc with her husband. She has experience healing survivors’ smiles after years of neglect. “Often times, people who have suffered from violence have to shift their priorities, and dentistry goes on the back burner.”

Dr. Roelofs offered her services for free to Mary. She straightened Mary’s teeth and gave her a new permanent front tooth, giving her more self-confidence and a beautiful smile. Mary didn’t smile before, and she certainly is smiling now.

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