James House

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The 10th Story

When a husband & wife sought healthcare from the Care-A-Van, their outreach worker was stunned by the wife’s obvious facial injury. The worker called The James House Director of Programs & Services, Elvira De la Cruz, who was able to speak with the woman in private. Elvira discovered that the woman had been trafficked into prostitution from the ages of 13 to 19. Though her husband helped her escape, he became abusive when she became pregnant.

Elvira asked Dr. Janet Eddy, Care-A-Van Director of Medicine, to examine the woman alone as her husband paced anxiously just outside the door. Dr. Eddy determined the bruises and spinal fluid coming from her nose indicated a severe skull fracture. Though she pleaded with the couple to go to the ER, she never really knew what happened to the woman.

Service providers are often in the dark about what happens to victims after they leave their office, but some do get help. Dr. Eddy knows that each attempt to help a victim is a step in the right direction. She believes there is power in simply telling a victim that she does not deserve to be hurt. Even this small action can change the course of her life.

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