James House

24 Hour Crisis Hotline24/7 Hotline: (804) 458-2840

Children’s Programs

James House offers programs and services to empower children, help them through the healing process, and aid them to develop healthy and positive relationships.

We offer individual counseling and support groups for children affected by domestic violence and sexual violence. Our children’s services coordinator works with each child to identify his or her individual needs.


One-on-one counseling

Provides children with a healthy, comfortable, and confidential space to discuss and process their feelings, needs, and wants. Children will work with the Children and Youth Education Coordinator to create their own safety plan. We create learning experiences that will impact the behavior and coping skills children use in their daily lives and lead to positive interactions with others.

Coping Cat (ages 7-13) and C.A.T. Project (ages 14-17)

Programs to help children and teens recognize and understand emotional and physical reactions to anxiety. Participants will learn to identify how they think and feel during anxious situations, develop a plan for effective coping, evaluate their success in implementing the plan, and provide self-reinforcement to increase the likelihood of success.

Mobility Activity Bus

Provides services for children ages 4 to 18 in the Greater Tri-Cities Region. Through structured play and organized games, kids develop leadership and people skills. Activity bus activities help reduce trauma responses, create positive coping methods, develop healthy relationships, and promote self acceptance.

Map The Way

Eight week motivational after-school program for children aged 6 to 12. The program focuses on teaching 8 core group lessons including self-expression, self-esteem and feelings, healthy relationships, bullying and peer pressure, self-care and safety, social/coping skills, and ends with graduation.


A curriculum for children aged 4 to 18 who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence and/or sexual violence. Children in this program will gain support in the healing process and a boost in self-confidence with a clear definition of what it means to be a part of a healthy relationship. This program teaches 12 core group lessons, such as: bullying, feelings, conflict resolution, coping, abusive behaviors, and other key components to overcoming and understanding abuse.

To schedule an appointment or learn more contact us. Call 804-458-2704 or email kids@thejameshouse.org.