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Schedule a Film Screening for January or February

Being chosen usually means something good is going to happen to you. You are chosen to receive an award, a scholarship, a promotion, a job, a place on a team. You feel excited and proud that someone recognized your special qualities and chose you above the rest.

In the world of human trafficking however, being chosen means something else altogether. Traffickers seek out vulnerable young people at schools, malls, coffee shops, and on social media and when they believe they’ve found a potential target, they begin their campaign of manipulation against their “chosen” victim. Traffickers are often older, buy their victims expensive gifts of clothes or jewelry, take them to nice restaurants, put them on a pedestal above all others. They do whatever it takes to lure their “chosen” victim in, to make them believe they are special, cared for, loved. Because so many young people long for these very things, traffickers are able to trick them into a life they never imagined. The “chosen” feel flattered by the attention they receive from the trafficker and do not recognize the signs until it is much too late.

The film, “Chosen” tells the story of two girls tricked into trafficking. Brianna, 18, was a star student, cheerleader, and waitress. Lacy, 13, enjoyed church and volunteering in her community. Both were manipulated. Both were exploited. Both were chosen.

James House is offering free screenings of 20-minute film during the months of January and February 2019. To schedule a screening followed by brief discussion for your agency, staff, school, or community/faith group contact Jane Clayborne at 804.458.2704 or jane@thejameshouse.org.



Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Join us at on the second Saturday in April for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes with the Petersburg’s Domestic Violence Task Force and the Petersburg Sheriff’s Office. The walk will take place on Cameron Field, 909 S Sycamore Street, Petersburg, VA 23803 (Entrance on Graham Road). Come out and wear a pair of high-heeled shoes in honor of local survivors of sexual violence. This is part of the international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. To register go HERE, or contact Anna at 804-458-2704 X 224, anna@thejameshouse.org.


Denim Day

Denim Day is a global sexual violence prevention and education campaign to spread the message that there is never an excuse for rape. Challenge your co-workers to make a donation to the cause and wear denim clothes or our signature denim ribbon & help James House improve the lives of survivors of sexual violence.
Sign-up your denim day team by contacting Anna at 804-458-2704 X 224 or anna@thejameshouse.org.


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