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They educate our family so we can give survivors hope.

Suzanne & Rhonda, John Randolph Medical Center

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I know that that they will get the help they need when I refer them to James House.

Bill Lightfoot, Former Police Investigator

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Samina Abdullah, Community Organizer

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Your abuse doesn't define you.

Daniel, Survivor

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*Trigger Warning*

If we can make a difference just in one life, that's a success.

Linda Hyslop, Volunteer

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The James House takes a very sensitive and difficult subject and breaks it down.

Becky McDonough, Chamber of Commerce

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Chris Bernhardt, Attorney

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Reinhold & Phil , Board of Directors

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...each attempt to help a victim is a step in the right direction.

Dr. Janet Eddy, Care-A-Van Director of Medicine

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James House is a blessing for our community.

Associate Pastor Fidel Rubio, Priest

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She wasn't smiling before, but she's certainly smiling now!

Dr. Renae Roelofs, Dentist

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Vanessa Reese Crawford, Sheriff

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The most rewarding thing about volunteering was seeing clients a year later.

Cora Hodges, Coordinator

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I'm glad to have someone to talk to who doesn't judge me.

Nivea, Survivor

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Jeffrey Faries, Police Officer

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There are so many gaps in the system...

Robin, Advocate

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We’re improving people’s lives, and when you see that, you want to be part of it.

Risha Stebbins, The Cameron Foundation

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Glenda McEachern, Friend of Homicide Victim

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Payton, Survivor

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*Trigger Warning*

We are ordinary people who get an opportunity to do some extraordinary things.

Senator Rosalyn Dance, State Legislator

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Mark, Survivor

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Its great to be able to see those kids strong and smiling again.

Flor Lopez Trejo, James House

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I am a survivor of childhood rape.

Cris, Survivor

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*Trigger Warning*

I am in awe of the elasticity of the human spirit

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